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Environmental concerns prompted Pafos2017 venue change

Pafos2017 event organisers have had to alter the location of an upcoming play after the authorities turned down a request for the work to be performed by the Pegeia Sea Caves.

Original plans had, amongst other things, also seen organisers hoping to set up a platform above the sea.

However, the Forestry Department, Environmental Department, Games Service and Fisheries Department expressed concern over the impact the series of theatre production would have on the Natura 2000 location and its animal inhabitants including bats (Myotis blythii), sea turtles and even Monk seals (Monachus monachus).

Complications arose after the August 15 to 18 performances of ‘Uniting the Mediterranean Sea’ and their planned location were widely publicised before the authorities had given permission for the Sea Caves area to be used.

Eventually, a compromise was reached and the performances will now take place a short distance away, on privately-owned land in front of the nearby EDRO III shipwreck, provided the stage and seating is set up at least 50m away from the coastline.

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‘Uniting the Mediterranean Sea’ sees actor Marios Ioannou creating together with a large team from Cyprus and overseas, an exciting theatrical world that connects the Mediterranean and its people.

Actors from Alexandria, Barcelona, Marseille, Paphos, Smyrna and Tangier, will congregate in Pegeia and explore the meanings of a common sea and a common country. The script was written by Ioannou in collaboration with the participating artists Eslam Essa (Alexandria/Egypt), Reda Amrani (Tangier/Morocco), Raül Moreno Supervia (Barcelona/Spain), Nicolas Rochette (Marseille/France), Şafak Ersözlü (Smyrna/Turkey).  The work’s artistic direction is by Achim Wieland.

Visit the Pafos2017 site for more information.

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