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Electricians preparing for solution

The Home for Cooperation will be organising a seminar for Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot electrical contractors on 24 June with the aim of ‘training’ them to be properly prepared in the event of a solution to the Cyprus Problem.

The seminar will introduce the cooperation between Association of Licensed Electrical Contractors Cyprus (OSEIK) and the Association of Turkish Cypriot Electrical Contractors (KTEMB).

Joint efforts between the two bodies started in September 2015 and their members have attended seminars, philanthropic drives, and educational trips together.

The aim of the two associations according to OSEIK boss Giorgos Kyriacou is to arrange a series of educational and training seminars and involving the 17th Edition of Electrical Installation.

“Up until now, OSEIK has been using the 16th Edition of Electrical Installation of The Institution of Engineering and Technology in the UK. We will be adopting the 17th edition in 2017,” explained Kyriacou. “The KTEMB uses the 14thedition, and will be switching to the 16th edition in 2017”, he continued.

As things currently stand, electricians from either side of the divide are unable to work on the opposite of the fence without exposing themselves to dangers of an electricity network vastly different to the one that they are used to in their own respective community.

Kyriacou explained that the electricians attending the seminars would acquire the necessary knowledge and training to work throughout the island.

Kyriacou concluded by saying that the mutual decision to create the seminars was in order to standardise electrical installation and technical standards.

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