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Efi’s parents found guilty

The parents of Efi Irodotou, the woman found guilty of causing the death of a young motorist and then going on the run, have been found guilty on charges of bribery and obstruction of justice.

Nitsa and Irodotos Irotodous were found guilty on five charges including perjury, bribery and falsifying evidence.

They are accused of committing the offences between 16 December 2008 and 3 July 2009 in connection with their daughter’s initial trial in 2009 following the traffic incident that left 17-year-old Emilios Ioannou dead.

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The trial has been reconvened for July 28 when the couple’s lawyer Chris Triantafyllidis will argue a plea of leniency.

In 2009, Irodotou was found guilty only on the charge of fleeing an accident scene, while she was acquitted of the other three charges of causing death due to negligence, driving under the influence, and not complying with traffic regulations.

She walked away with paying €120 in court expenses, getting a three-year licence suspension, and two months suspended sentence.

But she later failed to appear in court after the case reopened in 2011 and she went to Greece with her parents.

The 30-year-old Irodotou was arrested in Greece on January 8, 2017, after someone had recognised her parents at a small chapel in Nea Ionia., who contacted Cypriot police who in turn passed on the information to Interpol Athens.

Irodotou said she was not aware that Cypriot authorities had been looking for her all these years and only found out in recent months.

She and her parents were extradited to Cyprus on January 23, 2017 where they were detained while legal proceedings started against them.

On June 26, Efi Irodotou was found guilty of causing death by negligent driving, and not stopping at a red light. She is set to be sentenced on August 1.

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