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Efi to decide on next line of defence

A woman who has been charged with a hit-and-run incident that left a Limassol teenager dead back in 2007 will need to decide if she wants to testify in her trial next week.

Efi Irodotou had been Cyprus’ most wanted after fleeing the island in the wake of alleged corruption of her trial which saw her aquitted in the manslaughter trial of Emilios Ioannou back in December 2007.

She was arrested in Greece earlier this year and deported back to Cyprus where the re-trial was ordered.

During Wednesday’s trial hearing, the Nicosia District Court heard the testimony of the only witness in the traffic incident who told defence lawyer Chris Triantafyllides that she saw Irodotou’s car seemingly run a red light and collide with Emilios Ioannou’s motorcycle.

The next hearing is set to take place on April 28 during which time Irodotou must decide if she wants to take the stand and give testimony – which would also see her subject to questioning by state prosecutors – or read a statement from the stand that will not be taken into considering by the judge but will also mean that she will not be subject to questioning.

Irodotou also has the option to not take the stand at all.

The Efi case dates back to December 2007 when the Limassol woman – aged 20 at the time, was accused of running a red light and killing 17-year-old Ioannou who was riding his motorcycle.

Although Irodotou was acquitted on three of the four charges in July 2009, the case reopened in 2011 after it emerged there were allegations pointing to witness tampering and procedural trickery.

The family of the victim had mounted a campaign against the state prosecutor, asking former attorney general Petros Clerides to hand over the minutes from the trial.

After the decision was made for a re-trial, Irodotou – along with her parents who were accused by police of rigging the trial – went on the run and she became Cyprus’ most wanted woman until she was finally arrested in Greece a couple of months ago.

She was extradited back to Cyprus but maintains that she didn’t know she was wanted by the Cyprus police and Europol. Her parents, meanwhile, say that they didn’t bribe their way out of the trial.

Efi is currently facing charges of causing a death by means of a dangerous and careless act as well as failing to stop at a traffic light.

Her parents are also facing charges of bribery, perverting the course of justice and conspiracy in a separate trial.

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