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Editorial: How safe are we?

The mindless deadly attack against innocent people walking on Barcelona’s most popular avenue was another grave reminder that safety is not a sure thing as far as European societies are concerned.

Terrorism is a constant threat, since militants have moved the war to European cities.

Nowadays an attack can take place anywhere. When people walk on the street, waiting for the bus, being in a park, shopping in a busy mall. Activities such as the above can prove to be extremely dangerous.

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What decisions could be made so people can carry on living their lives as normally as possible?

Taking tougher measures, intensifying policing in major cities, prosecuting the perpetrators after an attack are necessary moves but they do not prevent attacks from happening.

It is extreme poverty, bitter strife and bigotry, usually in underdeveloped countries, that feed terrorism and help canny instigators to make fanatics out of naive young people. Fanatics that later resort to terrorism.

It is the above hardship the EU should try to ease. Instead of spending vast amounts of money and resources in dealing with the consequences of migration, the affluent West better try to prevent it by investing in the destitute parts of the world.

Nowadays with migration at crisis point suggestions such as the above may look feeble or superficial.

Political giants, though, such as former EU leaders Helmut Kohl and Francois Mitterrand, had realised that helping to create the right living conditions in Africa and to sort out conflicts in the Middle East, help immensely to keep terrorism at bay and as a result Europe much safer.

It is not too late for their successors to follow up on this wise policy.

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