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Ecology focus in Akamas film festival

A hotspot for green debate since the early 1990s as landowners, ecologists and the government have tried to thrash out an environmental plan that satisfies all stakeholders, the Akamas peninsula is a fitting venue for a film festival on the theme of the environment.

‘The Akamas Project: Ecological Film Festival’, the latest summer offering from the European Culture Capital project Pafos2017, is taking place in villages in the area.

“The festival includes award-winning documentaries, short films and short animation films of ecological content, aimed at informing and raising public awareness about the environmental issues of the planet,” a Pafos2017 spokesperson said.

True to the culture capital’s focus on Paphos as an open-air venue, all screenings are taking place outdoors.

Being screened in Pano Arodes tonight in the central church square is the 2015 film, The Day the Sun Fell from the Sky by Swiss-Japanese filmmaker Aya Domenig. The granddaughter of a doctor on duty for the Red Cross during the 1945 atomic bombing of Hiroshima, Domenig approaches the experience of her deceased grandfather by tracing the lives of a doctor and of former nurses who once shared the same horrifying experience.

Tomorrow in Peyia’s Vrisi parking area, Little Bird and the Squirrel by Lena von Döhren is being screened. This 2014 tongue-in-cheek animation by the Swiss director revolves around the story of woodland creatures competing and cooperating for survival.

On Sunday, Waste Mandala by Alessandro Bernard and Paolo Ceretto is being screened in the village square in Kathikas. This film takes a behind-the-scenes look at the devastating impact of plastic rubbish generated by mass tourism and the work of a voluntary group known as the Green Soldier to fight this.

All screenings take place at 8pm, are suitable for all ages and have Greek and English subtitles. Entrance is free.

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