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Eastern Route Where Tradition Defiesthe Hands of Time

Start off in the far easterly farming villages collectively named‘Kokkinohoria’ in the Ammochostos district to witness wherethe island’s delicious potatoes are unearthed in mineral rich redsoil. Head further towards Larnaca and you’ll be mesmerised byStavrovouni; a Greek Orthodox monastery famed as the oldest onthe island perched high on a mountain peak. Perfectly isolated anda real marvel to stare at, it could have easily stepped out of aclassic painting or film set. Sit and enjoy the view before heading deeper towards the beguilingLefkara with its narrow winding lanes and terracotta roofed houses,celebrated for its exquisite embroidery handcrafted in the village since medieval times. As friendly banter about the news of theday resonates through the lanes, the women are often coupled upoutside their homes and shops with embroidery needle in hand. Never far away are the village men busying themselves makingtheir highly prized silverware. Enjoy a touch of traditional shoppingbefore stepping into the folklore museum for a journey back intime. While Lefkara was considered one of the most affluent townsduring the Renaissance, the adjacent Kato Drys gives visitors theopportunity to see some more traditional architecture.

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