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EAC warns against dud money-saving devices

Police are warning members of the public to be wary of door-to-door salesmen selling bogus devices supposedly able to slash their electricity bills.

The announcement was issued by the Electricity Authority (EAC) and the Association of Licensed Electrical Contractors Cyprus (OSEIK). Members of the public who had purchased the devices, and found no difference in the bills, reported the matter to OSEIK.

Following tests on the devices, they were found to be bogus.

According to OSEIK, an experiment using an electrical device over a period of an hour with and without the device registered the exact same reading in electricity consumption.

The association requested EAC’s official position on the matter.

Tasos Grigoriou, Manager of EAC’s Distribution System, in a written reply to the association, claimed that these devices – as well as others that have been advertised in the media – do not contribute to the reduction of electrical consumption by household appliances. A reduction is only seen if the devices are specially calibrated to reduce reactive power, i.e. the energy consumed to heat loss.

“The reduction is minimal, approximately one percent on the total consumption. The single-phase and triple-phase meters installed by EAC, do not measure reactive power, and therefore it is not charged” writes Grigoriou.

Giorgos Kyriacou, president of OSEIK, said that the association has asked its members to inform the public regarding the worthlessness of the devices and to inform them of the tests that were conducted.

Consumers who have purchased the device, which has a two year warranty, have tried unsuccessfully to be reimbursed but to no avail. Receipts issued by the company do not include a physical address, and the mobile phone numbers displayed seem to be of the pre-paid type.

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