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€10,700 fine for illegal bird trapper

A 64-year-old man has been fined €10,700 after being caught setting illegal mist net and limestick traps for birds in the Famagusta district.

According to the police, its anti-poaching unit, in cooperation with the Games Services, caught the man red-handed at around 5am on Tuesday, during a raid on the property he manages.

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The search uncovered the nets and lime sticks, which were confiscated.

A second case on Tuesday, meanwhile, has seen the case investigating the 47-year-old owner of a property in the Larnaca district after finding, and confiscating, mist nets there during a 6.40am raid.

Songbirds (ambelopoulia) including blackcaps and European robins, are sold under the table at some venues with patrons willing to pay through the nose for what they still consider a traditional delicacy.

However, because of the way the cruel way in which the birds are caught  with mist nets and limesticks and because the methods also lead to protected birds being caught, the EU years ago strongly encouraged Cyprus to outlaw the practice.

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  1. The indiscriminate trapping of migratory birds was outlawed by the Cyprus government in 1974, long before the EU ‘strongly encouraged Cyprus to outlaw the practice.