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Dutch cocaine duo swallowed two kilos of the drug

Two Dutch nationals have expelled from their bodies a total of 165 packages of cocaine, coming to a total of around two kilos, since arriving in Cyprus.

Once the two men, aged 63 and 52, are released from hospital they will be moved to police holding cells to sit out the remainder of an eight-day remand issued by Larnaca District Court at their hospital beds on Tuesday.

The Drug Squad is continuing investigations into the case, including identifying any collaborators the two would have had in Cyprus.
Police had been tipped off ahead of the men’s arrival on the island on Monday from Belgium.
After a search of their luggage did not turn anything up, the two gave written consent to undergo an x-ray examination at the Larnaca General Hospital.
After the x-rays showed that they had ‘foreign bodies’ in their abdomens, the suspects admitted that they had swallowed packages containing cocaine and asked for medical help to discharge the packages.

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