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Driver pushes pedal to the metal

A 30-year-old driver has been arrested by police after he was spotted driving almost double the speed limit on the Limassol-Nicosia highway near Kornos.

Traffic police caught the man, a Nicosia resident, doing 181 kilometres on Sunday around 11:45am, while the maximum speed is 100 and the minimum is 65 on the highway.

No fine was issued on the spot since speed limit violations over 75% are referred to court. The driver was taken to Kofinou Police Station where he was charged and let go.

According to a traffic police chart on fines, the driver is expected to get three penalty points automatically while the court can add as many as six additional points, bringing the total to nine points.

On-the-spot fines can reach up to €250 based on a formula for high speed violations, with €3 for each kilometre over the limit.

Police are investigating the case and the driver will have to appear in court.

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