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Dog shelter in Xylofagou threatened with closure

The Argos dog shelter in Xylofagou has been threatened with closure following an argument between the owner and newly-elected community leader and former MP Georgos Tasou.

The row erupted after Stella Stylianou requested that the community council collect four dogs that had been left near the shelter as the shelter could not accommodate them.

“He threatened to close the shelter if it isn’t legal and if we don’t pay taxes,” said Stylianou.

Tasou, speaking to Phileleftheros, said that Stylianou had tried to impose her will in an unacceptable and authoritarian manner, continuing to say that he had other things to worry about instead of dogs.

“The dogs weren’t abandoned outside the Community Council so we can’t take the responsibility,” said Tasou, adding that the dogs could have been abandoned by residents of a neighbouring community.

As far as Tasou is concerned, the shelter is illegal and its owner needs to get the necessary permits.

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One comment

  1. If the shelter is shut down won’t all the animals be his responsibility instead of just those 4. Is he going to put them all down? Better that he works with the shelter to legalise the situation. That would be a win-win for all concerned.