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Dodgy Nicosia MOT centres shut down

The Road Transport Department (RTD) has closed three MOT centres within the last 48 hours for issuing roadworthy certificates to three cars that did not meet the minimum safety requirements.

Two centres are in the actual city of Nicosia while the third is in the outer district.

In all three cases, the cars were stopped and taken to the RTD MOT centre where engineers verified that the vehicles were in fact not roadworthy while one was in a dangerous condition.

Roadworthy certificates provided RTD officials with the MOT centres and photographs taken during the time of inspection (MOT centres are equipped with cameras which relay live imaging of MOT tests to the RTD) showed that the vehicles were in the same condition when undergoing the MOT test.

RTD Director Sotiris Koletas told Phileleftheros that within the next few days, spot check will be done on vehicles which have just been issued with MOT certificates in order to ensure their roadworthiness.

Koletas said that in light of the looming road tax deadline, motorists, required to have valid MOT certificates in order to renew their road tax have swamped MOT centres in order to obtain certificates making the possibility of system abuse likely.

“We will not be at all lenient in such situations,” said Koletas appealing to drivers not to accept iconic MOT tests as it concerns not only their own but the safety of others too.

“They pay for the MOT test and they must demand to be informed of any problems with their car in order to get it fixed,” said Koletas.

The three MOT centres will remain closed as their operating licences have been temporarily suspended pending an investigation.

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