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Diving in Akamas

St. George Drop-off
It’s quite a challenge to find more beautiful cliff faces than those at St. George Drop Off. The island of Ayios Georgios lies east of the Akamas peninsula and hosts a reserve for birds and maritime life. Huge sponges, shimmering overgrown cliffs and secretive octopuses, cuttlefish, hermit crabs and many other creatures makes this dive quite a highlight.
St. George Reef
Opposite the island of Ayios Georgios, directly beneath the towering cliffs of the Akamas peninsula a shallow diving spot sprawls, littered with colourful overhangs, cavernous archways, rock formations as well as elongated openings and canyons. Nature has all but claimed back the countless pieces of shattered amphora. A diverse playground for any diver.

Nissi Koppos
This remote spot around the island of Koppos, west of the Akamas peninsula, is something of an insider’s tip, especially since it is best explored in the early hours of the morning, when you might catch a glimpse of the Mediterranean monk seal. The rocky island is surrounded by several tiers of planes, which at intervals are laced with large holes that open into bottle-like basins, while button polyps and sponges have happily taken over the walls of tunnels, overhangs and crevices. The “washing machine” awards a unique experience: divers are sucked into the flush of air-bubbles
created by the waves and expelled a few metres further on.