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Developments going well for Ayia Napa marina

The luxury Ayia Napa marina is to cost more than €250million with residencies being sold between €600,000 and €5.5 million each.

Speaking to Active Radio, Stavros Karamontanis, the CEO of Makronisos and company owner of the Ayia Napa marina, said that the aim is to present a project which will be a true gem for the region and the Mediterranean.

“It is a modern and pioneering project which includes 29 mansions and two towers with 26 floors of luxury apartments” explained Karamontanis. He said that they expect the project to enhance the touristic flow in Ayia Napa, improving the financial status of the town.

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Asked about how the sales of the residencies are doing, Karamontanis said that 35% of residencies in the eastern tower have already been sold to foreign and local investors. He said many Russian, but also Cypriot investors, are interested in investing in the Ayia Napa marina.

“We have also campaigned internationally, in places like Dubai, Moscow, London and in other European cities.

Karamontanis also added that the project will create 800 job vacancies for the construction phase of the project, while 200 more will be hired to run the marina once completed.

In the second phase, more vacancies are expected to be created as there will be an employment demand for the commercial area at the marina.

“We have received hundreds of job applications.


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