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Dali braces for big floods

The Dali Municipality has confirmed that it will be moving ahead with anti-flood measures next month as residents of Nea Ledra brace for the wave of heavy rain.

The Nea Ledra area – which falls under the jurisdiction of Dali – has only one main point of entry and situated close the Nicosia to Limassol motorway.

Earlier this week, the Meteorological Services warned that rain and possibly storms were on the way.

Passing under a bridge overpass, the road is the first to get flooded whenever it rains heavily in the area and the Fire Services have had to intervene a number of times when residents eager to get home have become trapped in their cars on that particular stretch of road.

“They (the residents) have every reason to complain because it is true that they are put in peril every time it rains”, said Dali Mayor Leontios Kallenos.

He said that drainage at the road was regularly blocked by leaves, branches and dirt which contribute to the heavy flooding.

“Before the banking crisis, the municipality had been trying to get a by-pass built to provide residents of the Nea Ledra area an alternative route – through Megas Alexandros Street and via the large roundabout by the Pittas factory”.

The mayor said the planned road would have been no more than 1km in length but that due to financial restraints, construction had to be halted. Kallenos did, however, reassure the hundred or so households in the area that efforts were currently underway to enforce preventative measures.

Costing some €1 million, the works include a high wall being built along the side of the bridge to prevent debris from being spilled into the road and block the drainage system.

The number of drains will also be increased to ensure water is drained away quicker.

“Work will begin in October and we hope to have it complete by the end of the year,” Kallenos said. “Of course, this is not a total solution to the problem. A new road is needed and we have already sent a letter to Communications Minister Marios Demetriades requesting that our demands be met.”


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