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Da Motus! performance

“Suffle” by DA MOTUS! led by choreographers Antonio Bühler and Brigitte Meuwly will represent Switzerland at the 19th Cyprus Contemporary Dance Festival performing in both Limassol  and Nicosia. The performance has been described as a striking, exquisitely composed choreographic work that embodies both the lightness and transience of being and the existential awareness of a great shared movement in breath, voice and dance.

What:  19th Cyprus Contemporary Dance Festival-Da Motus! Antonio Buhler & Brigitte Meuwly – Switzerland

When: Tuesday, June 14, 8.30pm (Rialto, Limassol) and Thursday, June 16 (Pallas, Nicosia)

Where:  Rialto Theatre, 19 Andrea Drousioti, Platia Iroon, Limassol and Pallas theatre, Paphos Gate, Nicosia

DA MOTUS! (da!=give, offer! / motus=movement), founded in 1987 by Antonio Bühler and Brigitte Meuwly, has performed at international Festivals and other important cultural events in more than 200 cities of 44 countries. In 2014, the company received the Cultural Prize of the State of Fribourg, in Switzerland, and in 2015, the Federal Dance Jury of Switzerland awarded DA MOTUS! the Swiss dance Award 2013-15 for its show souffle as an “outstanding current dance work”.

Antonio (certified teacher of Yoga SYA/SYV) and Brigitte (certified teacher of the F.M. Alexander Technique ASPTA/SVLAT) have an instinctive and sensitive approach to movement. They got initiated into choreography in New York in the early 80’s by discovering improvisation and composition taught by Alwin Nikolaïs, Simone Forti and by different release techniques as well.
The vivacious plasticity of plant life, the vibrant and breathing quality of animals’ movement and the subtle and sensitive exchange of human relations inspire and stimulate the body language of DA MOTUS!
The choreographic work, always created with the dancers’ collaboration and enriched by their different personalities, aims nowadays a physicality imbued with consciousness.

Souffle: Swiss Dance Award 2015 as « an outstanding current dance work » of the period 2013-2015

“A striking, exquisitely composed choreographic work that embodies both the lightness and transience of being and the existential awareness of a great shared movement in breath, voice and dance. A captivating magic runs through this choreographic and musical production, imbued with a sensitive dance quality.” (Brigitta Luisa Merki, member of the Swiss Federal Dance Jury, 2015)

Dance and music work together in osmosis, counterpoint and complicity. Thus, bodies and voices are attracted and repelled, stimulating exchanges and emotions to reach the ephemeral realms, where everything is dissolved, where breath leaves its earthly form to regain its unknowable origin.

Brigitte Meuwly and Antonio Bühler were invited by Philippe Savoy, director of the Chamber Chorus Zeugma, to create an artistic collaboration, inspired by the local (Fribourg) choral tradition. They have risen to the challenge of uniting contemporary choreography and vocal creation based on an original score (by Caroline Charrière) around the fundamental role that breath represents for both modes of expression: dance and song.
Spontaneous harmonies and orchestrated tensions emerge, generating bizarre images and sometimes provoking ambiguous sensations. The ethereal and celestial quality of the singing essentially clashes with the carnal and sensual character of the dance. « souffle » suggests to us through certain of its movements, that it is through the sexual union that the spirit is able to incarnate.

Organised by the Ministry of Education and Culture, Rialto Theatre and Embassy of Switzerland


Tickets: €5 | € 20 for all performances (valid both for Limassol and Nicosia)
Free admission for pupils, students, soldiers, pensioners & dance professionals

Free Transportation from Nicosia to Limassol
Departure from the Cyprus Handicraft Centre (Athalassas Av.)
Departure Time: 19:15 | Information: 99 61 82 25

Six renowned dance groups from abroad and four local groups summon up this year’s Contemporary Dance Festival program taking place for the 19th consecutive year. There will be six performances in Limassol and four performances in Nicosia.

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