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Cyprus virus hell for British rugby star and baby

Llanelli Scarlets and Wales rugby ace Jake Ball and his baby daughter Charlotte were struck by a crippling virus during family holiday in Cyprus.

According to an exclusive report in British newspaper The Sun, Ball, 26, was unable to walk due to foot swelling after developing the hand, foot and mouth infection soon after his nine-month-old daughter.

Ball, his wife Christie, 25, Charlotte and daughter Amelia, two, had been staying at a Thomson’s five star hotel in Ayia Napa. The trip was booked through TUI Thomson Holidays.

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Thomson confirmed a “small number” of cases at the resort and apologised to the family, The Sun reported.

Ball’s daughter Charlotte had fallen ill five days into their holiday and was taken to hospital after a couple of days displaying hand, foot and mouth symptoms.

The Wales forward was then crippled for days after the disease broke out around his mouth and spread to his hands and feet, the British paper said.

Ball has instructed solicitors over the June outbreak.

“Considering Charlotte’s age we were obviously very concerned by her symptoms and we knew we had to take her to a hospital,” Ball told The Sun.

“Doctors quickly diagnosed her as having hand, foot and mouth with impetigo and we were given medication and creams to treat her.

“We hoped that would be the end of it but on June 30th I found a spot in my beard and quickly more appeared over my hands, feet and mouth.

“It was hugely frustrating to get the condition and the pain was unbearable. I literally could not walk very far due to the pain in my feet.

“I spent much more time in my hotel room than I would have liked. It was a complete nightmare”.

According to the UK’s NHS website: “Hand, foot and mouth disease is a common childhood illness that can affect adults. It usually clears up by itself in 7 to 10 days”.

The virus is spread through saliva including coughs and sneezes, and faeces.

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