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Sea pollution monitoring in Limassol upgraded

In an effort to eliminate or at least minimise pollution of Limassol Bay, the state has decided to create a single body under the Transport Ministry which is responsible for promptly dealing with marine pollution incidents.

The Ministry of Transport will, in line with the decision, take on a coordinating role which will be responsible for ensuring the cooperation of all relevant government departments.

Communications Minister Marios Demetriades said that within the next few days the coordinating role of the ministry will be formalised so that some measures already decided on could move ahead

Through this coordinating body, additional measures will be decided on whenever and wherever necessary and there will be a monitoring of the implementation of these measures.

Limassol mayor Nicos Nicolaides said he was pleased with the outcome of the meeting noting: “Limassol has gone to enormous expense to create this particular beach, which has already acquired a good name, and we will not tolerate the situation any longer”.

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Among the measures decided are: Two times a week and whenever there are clear sea pollution incidents, manned amphibious flying craft and drones, will  be used to patrol the sea area and in the event of pollution outbreaks directly update the responsible bodies.

The appropriate management of the situation will be undertaken and sea water samples sent to a specialised Cyprus University of Technology (CUT-TEPAK) laboratory for further checks and conclusions as to possible source of the pollution.

The collection and transport of waste water from ships will now be carried out by a licensed company, which will implement all the procedures for and will be subject to more stringent supervisory controls at regular intervals.

After collection, the waste water will be transferred to suitable tanks, which the Ports Authority is constructing at the new port. After the relevant checks are carried out, they will be channelled into Limassol’s central sewerage system.

The Municipality of Limassol and the Department of Fisheries as well as the Port Police will carry out regular spot checks and clean-ups.

In addition, the Department of Merchant Shipping will continue on-site inspections on board anchored vessels throughout the summer period to verify the proper environmental management of waste.

It will also test a ships facility to confirm the efficiency of the tertiary treatment of their waste water.

A direct action group was created to be manned by Municipality of Limassol employees.

In the event of pollution incidents, they will take all necessary steps to remedy the problem and samples of sea water will be taken directly to be sent to a specialised laboratory for further investigation and conclusions.

Finally, the public is invited if it detects any pollution of the sea to call a 24-hour hotline, 25884590.



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