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Cyprus to get hotter this week

Temperatures across Cyprus are set to climb until Thursday, according to the latest weather report.

Average temperatures on Monday and Tuesday are expected to hover around the 34’C before a small climb gets underway on Wednesday with average temperatures on the island set to peak at 36’C. Temperatures will begin to drop again on Friday, according to the Cyprus Meteorological Service.

The skies are expected to remain fairly cloudy on Monday and Tuesday before making way for clearer skies for the remainder of the week.

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Meanwhile, the water capacities at the dams in Cyprus are down by almost six per cent compared to last year’s readings.

According to figures released from the Cyprus Water Development Department, there is currently 50.715million m3 in the dams whereas there was 79.294million m3 in the dams, this time last year.

The water levels at the dams are 18.5% of their capacity whilst last year they were at 24.2%.

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