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Cyprus ready to welcome warm weekend

Maximum inland temperatures could climb to as a high as 30°C this weekend, for a short spell of warmer than usual weather across Cyprus.

The usual seasonal average for this time of year is around 24°C inland, 22°C -23°C on the coasts, and 13°C in the mountains.

According to the Meteorological Service’s official forecast, the rise in temperatures is expected to begin on Thursday, climbing to as high as 30°C by Sunday. Monday will see the start of a return to average temperatures.

Wednesday’s weather, meanwhile, is expected to be mainly fine with increased cloud coverage at time during the afternoon.

Temperatures will rise to 24°C inland, 23°C on the coasts and 14°C in the mountains, according to the Meteorological Service’s morning forecast.

The recent rain, meanwhile, saw 43.8mm fall in Nicosia over the past five days, making up 245% of the district’s usual average for all of April. Island-wide, 62% of April’s average rainfall had arrived by April 18.

According to monitoring stations at specific locations around Cyprus, by April 18, 128% of the month’s usual average rainfall had already fallen in Larnaca, 117% in Athienou, 99% in Kellaki, 98% in Panayia, 79% in Lythrodontas, 73% in Frenaros, and 70% in Kornos.

However, the recent rainfall appears to have made only a very slight contribution to the island’s dams and reservoirs which remained at 30.5% of their total capacity on April 13, the most recent date on official record.

On April 13, 2016, they were at 37.8% of their total capacity.

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