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Cyprus ready to negotiate based on Guterres framework

Cyprus is ready to negotiate a settlement to the Cyprus problem based on the United Nations Secretary General’s framework presented to the sides at Crans-Montana during the Conference on Cyprus.

Addressing the nation on Monday night over the recently failed Cyprus peace talks in the Swiss resort of Crans-Montana, Anastasiades attributed the collapse of the talks to the insistence of Turkey for guarantees and intervention rights to be reviewed in 15 years following a solution and to maintain troops on the island indefinitely, contrary to the framework for negotiations as set out by the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

Guterres had identified the following elements:

  • On security, we have to recognise the need for a new security regime, not a continuation.
  • We need to end the right of intervention and the Treaty of Guarantee.
  • They need to be replaced by a new system of assurances so that all Cypriots feel secure.
  • A new implementation mechanism will be created that will also involve elements outside Cyprus.
  • Guarantors cannot monitor the implementation of their own obligations.
  • On troops, there should be a reduction from day 1 and then a gradual withdrawal with an agreed timetable to reach the numbers of the old Treaty of Alliance.

Anastasiades revealed that he is ready to negotiate a settlement based on UNSG’s framework presented to the sides at Crans-Montana on three conditions.

1) Treaties of Guarantees and Alliance should be abolished on the first day of the settlement’s implementation.

2) An effective mechanism of implementation should be created based on the Greek Cypriot proposals

3) A timeline of troop’s withdrawal to be set up based again on the Greek Cypriots proposals.

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“The Conference on Cyprus was closed after a decision by the United Nations Secretary-General after it was evident that the process would not develop any further,” said Anastasiades referring to the collapse of the talks during a working dinner hosted by Guterres last Thursday.

“Our objective is for reunited Cyprus to become a normal state, as the UNSG has stated, without interventions of the guarantor powers, namely Turkey. Turkish Cypriots need to decide if they will live in a part of Turkey or in an independent Cyprus as it will develop after a settlement.” Said Anastasiades.

Furthermore, he reiterated that the importance of finding a solution within the parameters and the decisions of the United Nations and the on-going process of achieving a solution based on a bizonal, bicommunal federation.

“What other basis for a solution do we have? Two separate states? I believe that we need to stay within the parameters of a bizonal, bicommunal federation lest we serve the interests and plans of others,” said the President

Despite the collapse of the negotiations, Cyprus’ energy plans and the scheduled exploratory drilling to be undertaken by Total in plot 11 in Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone will proceed according to schedule.

“I hope there won’t be any provocations (by Turkey) which could affect not only our interests but also the interests of oil and gas companies scheduled to operate in Cyprus’ EEZ,” said Anastasiades.

“Turkish Cypriots should realise that they cannot be independent as long as they are under Ankara’s economic and political influence,” said Anastasiades calling on Turkish Cypriots to work together with Greek Cypriots to achieve independence for the island

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