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Cyprus ranks poorly in single vehicle collision fatalities

A recent European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) report has determined that Cyprus ranks poorly in single vehicle collisions (SVC) as well as fatalities arising from SVCs.

According to the ETSC’s 32nd report on the Road Safety Performance Index (PIN) programme, Cyprus has recorded the lowest reduction in SVC fatalities in the Union as well as its position regarding the proportional death rate of SVCs per 1000 inhabitants.

Cyprus joins Luxembourg in second last position with SVC fatalities amounting to 41% of total road fatalities, considerably higher than the EU average of 30% while most accidents in Cyprus, like all other countries in the PIN programme, occur on district roads.

Cyprus also records the second highest proportion of motorcyclist fatalities involved in SVCs which amount to 30% of road fatalities on the island.

Greece who takes the grisly title of the highest motorcycle fatalities at 35% could significantly reduce the number if motorcyclists made more use of their helmets according to Greece’s PIN representative – the same could be said for Cyprus.

Unfortunately, motorcyclists in Cyprus, Greece and other Mediterranean countries do not follow the example of the majority of motorcyclists across Europe and use a helmet while driving.

SVC’s include vehicles that leave the road and crash into objects, collisions with animals and vehicles overturning.

Although representing only one-fifth of accidents in Europe, the report shows that SVCs are responsible for 33% of road fatalities in the European Union.

According to Cyprus’ PIN representative, the report showed that on average drivers aged 18-24 ran double the risk of being involved in a fatal SVC than drivers aged 25-49.

The report claims that the main contributors to SVCs in Cyprus are: speed, alcohol and drugs, fatigue, lack of concentration, age-related driving inexperience, road imperfections, weather conditions, problems with the vehicle and failing to use a seatbelt.

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