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Cyprus police warning over new internet scam

A Nicosia woman says she was scammed out of €1,400 during a series of online transactions when she attempted to sell furniture online.

According what the 35-year-old told the police, the woman had put the furniture up for sale online and was approached by someone presenting themselves as an interested buyer.

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The person told her they had accidentally put too much money into her account when purchasing the item and asked the woman to return the difference.

The woman received a series of messages from what appeared to be the company facilitating the financial exchange and which appeared to confirm the money had indeed been deposited in her account. She then sent the difference to the buyer.

A few days later, the woman received another message from the same company, asking her to e-mail them a copy of her ID card. She did so and, a short time later, received another e-mail from the same company saying she had won €50,000 but had to pay €990 tax to get her prize.

The woman then contacted the company directly from her account and to her dismay found out that the account she had been getting the messages from was counterfeit and not connected to the company in any way.

She was also informed that no money had been deposited into her account by the would-be buyer.

The new case on Thursday prompted the police to call on people to be particularly careful and, if they came across any online scams, to immediately inform their district CID department.


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