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Cyprus law change would make every adult an organ donor

A bill being proposed by opposition party Akel would, by law, make everyone aged 18 and over an automatic organ donor.

This is a move to help bolster the number of organ donors and tissue available that would save lives as the waiting time for transplants would be drastically reduced.

Currently there are patients waiting months for a perfect match while their chances of survival dwindle. And the organ donor database created in 2013 has only 1,500 people wishing to donate their organs after their death.

Under Akel’s proposal those opposed to organ donation can opt out but the philosophy of the bill is that everybody’s considered a donor unless a person has signed a form stating they wish not to be one. The opposite of what happens today.

Akel MPs say they are backing the legislation because Cyprus has a huge gap in organ donations.

With more organ donors available it would prevent patients having to seek other alternative treatments that are less effective and debilitating.

The cabinet recently also changed the law overruling the objections of relatives to stop an organ donation if the individual in question has given consent to do so.


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  1. Good idea, should be implemented Europe wide.

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