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Picture by Stefanos Kouratzis

Cyprus finally approves private number plates

Motorists in Cyprus will finally be able to get private number plates on their vehicles after MPs finally gave the green light to the bill on Friday.

A private number plate – or custom plate or personalised registration as they are also known – is a special type of vehicle registration plate on an automobile or other vehicle.

The owner of the vehicle pays extra money to have their own choice of numbers or letters, usually portrays a recognisable phrase, slogan, or abbreviation on their plate.

Cabinet had actually approved the bill back in September 2015 and had been put up for discussion at the House Communications Committee in June last year and once again on Friday, where it was finally approved.

Private number plates will be available through auctions and will belong to the vehicle owner and not the vehicle once purchased.
The registration must also be a combination of numbers and letters and not exceed eight characters.

Private number plates will also be transferrable from vehicle to vehicle subject to approval from the Road Transport Department.

In the UK, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) do not approve personalised registrations if they contain words which are offensive in any widely used language.

The DVLA however lately have released more and more previously banned combinations such as SEX and DAM. UK plates have to match certain very strict letter/number combinations

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One comment

  1. Great news for motorists who wish to have their own vehicle designation number. But also excellent news for the government as they will earn a lot of money from the sale of numbers, transfers from vehicle to vehicle, retention fees, auctions, etc. Its an industry in its own right!
    When would this service be available to the public?