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Cyprus File to be handed over to House on Friday

Greece’s parliament will hand over to Cyprus on Friday the so-called “Cyprus File”, a collection of documents and recordings, findings of an inquiry into the 1974 Greek junta-led coup to overthrow President Makarios, and the subsequent Turkish invasion.

President of the House of Representatives Demetris Syllouris announced on Tuesday that the archives will be delivered to the House on Friday morning.

The handover of the inquiry findings was unanimously approved by the Greek parliament on Tuesday afternoon.

Speaking before his country’s parliament, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said that the decision to handover the documents had been taken a while ago, and was not related to the current state of the Cyprus problem negotiations.

Tsipras called it an “unfulfilled debt” to the people of Cyprus, and a tribute to those who fought against the 1974 coup and the Turkish military invasion that followed, leading to the occupation still ongoing today in a large part of Cyprus’ territory.

“Twenty-nine years after the inquiry and 43 years after the invasion, the Greek Parliament will provide the full range of these documents to the Cypriot House in order to open… an issue that concerns mostly the Cypriot people and about which the Cypriot people are entitled to know,” Tsipras said.

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