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Photo credit: SWNS.com

Cyprus engagement yields two wedding ceremonies

It’s been almost a year since Craig and Samantha Stacey became engaged while enjoying a Cyprus holiday last October.

But little did the couple – who tied the knot this past August – know that the famed love goddess of the island would gift them with not one, but two ceremonies to mark their union.

Husband and wife had had a conventional church wedding on August 13 – a date that had been adjusted from initial plans to wed in 2018, so that Samantha’s beloved grandmother, Emmy Hall, 89, would have the chance to attend.

But, as it happened, Emmy suffered a fall 10 days prior to the ceremony, and had to be hospitalised, missing the happy milestone.

Photo credit: SWNS.com

Nevertheless, determined to get her blessing, Samantha insisted a second ceremony be held on August 14 – this time in Emmy’s ward at the Doncaster Royal Infirmary in South Yorkshire, to allow the pensioner to witness her beloved granddaughter become a missus.

Thanks to the bride and groom’s resourcefulness, and with the participation of five bridesmaids, Samantha’s brother Peter, who served as best man and ring bearer, and Samantha’s mother Joyce Hall, 58, Emmy did witness the union, complete with chairs arranged into an aisle and a chaplain to officiate.

This allowed the grandmother, who donned the blue chiffon dress she had intended to wear at the original ceremony, to give the couple her blessing, before passing away peacefully the next day.

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