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Around 1,000 motorists cited across Cyprus in one week

Close to a thousand motorists and their passengers in Cyprus were caught failing to buckle up during a recent week-long police crackdown.

Some offenders had failed to put their children in car seats.

Announcing the results of the campaign the police revealed that over the past five years, 62.6% of the people killed in car accidents on the roads in Cyprus were not wearing a safety belt.

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The police also noted that safety belts are widely recognised as the most effective safety measure for people travelling by car.

The campaign took place between September 11 and 17 as part of a Europe wide effort coordinated by the European Traffic Police Network TIPSOL.

During the campaign, it was found that a total of 904 drivers and front-seat passengers in Cyprus had failed to buckle up, while a total of 73 passengers in the back seats of the vehicles were not wearing safety belt.

A further ten cases where child seats were not being used were also identified during the campaign, the police said.

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