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Cyprus a matter of Turkish national importance

“The Cyprus Problem is a matter of national importance and above party politics,” was the message from Turkish Cypriot Leader Mustafa Akinci and Turkish Republican People’s Party (TRPP), Kemal Kılıcdaroglu.

The two men’s 45-minute meeting in Ankara concentrated on the Cyprus Problem with Akinci stating that: “For years the Cyprus Problem was an internal matter, but now it is an issue above political parties, it concerns everybody.”

“I hope that the Greek Cypriot leadership will like the Turkish Cypriots, show willing, logical and pragmatic behaviour and before the end of 2016 pass into a new period where we can all live in peace and harmony without the tears and bloodshed from the past and to share a happy and prosperous future. If this can be achieved, Greco-Turkish relations will improve too,” said Akinci.

Referring to the attempted coup in Turkey on July 15, Akinci said that “A strong democratic Turkey, a strong rule of law, is to the benefit of the region and to the Turkish Cypriots. July 15, was a display of unity in which the TRPP played its part. I believe that this unity and cohesion will bring Turkey to a new and better standing.”

Akinci is expected to return to Cyprus on Thursday

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