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Cypriots live in large luxurious homes

Cypriots prefer to live in larger, more luxurious houses than the rest of the EU citizens, even if this means that they have to take out loans and mortgage their homes.

According to a survey prepared by Eurostat under the title “House or Flat: Where do you live?”, more than half Cypriots live in independent houses. The survey presents data from 2015, according to which, while 44% of Cypriots live in detached houses and 29% in semidetached houses, a mere 26% live in an apartment. Meanwhile the percentage of EU citizens living in apartments is 42%.
The highest percentage of citizens living in apartments is in Spain with 66% of residents living in flats, followed by Latvia and Estonia with 65% and 63%.

Eurostat’s survey also shows that size does matter when Cypriots chose their home. According to the survey the average area of a Cypriot house is 141.4 square meters, claiming first spot amongst the 28 countries of the EU.

In the EU 7 out of 10 citizens live in privately owned home, with only 26,9% owing money to the bank for a housing loan. In Cyprus 70% of the population lives in a privately owned home, with more than 50% living in home which are mortgaged towards a housing loan.

The percentage of people in the EU living without a roof over their heads was 4.9% for 2015. The highest percentages of people without a home are met in Romania (19.8%) and in Latvia and Hungary (15.5% for both). Cypriots which are deprived of a home are under the 1% of the population.

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