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Cypriots in Bahrain ‘unpaid for three months’

Cypriots working for a compatriot’s construction company in Bahrain have complained of not being paid for three months.

A representative of the workers contacted Phileleftheros newspaper on Thursday, highlighting their plight and asking the paper to intercede on their behalf to the various state institutions to assist them.

“We haven’t been paid in three months,” said the representative, adding the company has allegedly been following a policy over the last few years of withholding various amounts in payments to its workers, amounting to hundreds of thousands of euro, and include wages and other benefits.

“We are fed up with the management’s empty words and promises that the problem will be solved soon. Our demands are not illogical, we want our salaries. We are facing problems here as are our families back in Cyprus.”

On contacting the construction company, the company representative did, off the record, admit to Phileleftheros that they owe the workers money, but requested time to consult with the management before they issued an official statement.

This is the second such case that has been brought to the attention the public recently. A similar report a few days ago involved Cypriot workers at an international company with Cypriot shareholders. The employees in question had been working on electromechanical installations in the United Arab Emirates for the last 10 years.

The workers there claim that they have not been paid in five months, resulting in many of them quitting their jobs and seeking employment elsewhere, while others were dismissed without being paid and are now attempting to find ways to get their dues from the company.

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