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Cypriots concerned but do little over waste management

Although Cypriots say they are concerned over environmental issues they seem to be doing very little towards reducing and reusing their waste, a survey showed on Thursday.

The survey carried out within the framework of ‘Rethink’ environmental project, also indicated that this is because they are not properly informed or do not understand waste management concepts.

“Cypriots in general are not interested where their waste ends up, as long as it leaves their home,” Rethink’s Giorgos Kirkos said.

“And although they say they are sensitive regarding environmental issues, their knowledge is limited and they do much less towards reducing and reusing their waste,” he added.

He also said that Cypriots easily understand the concept of recycling, with which they are more familiar. But they do not understand the concept of reducing the production of waste or reusing it – something which is high on the pyramid of waste management in the EU.


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