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Cypriots among first in EU to take bus tours

Cypriots rank third as the most likely to travel to other countries using a coach according to a European Commission survey.

The results were surprising, to say the least as Malta (47%) and Cyprus (44%) both island states ranked second and third respectively in the survey.

Respondents in countries such as Portugal (9%), Germany and France (both 12%) were found to be the least likely to travel using a coach.

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Netherlands (20%) tops the list for respondents using a bus to go to work followed by Luxembourg (19%) and Hungary (16%) while Malta (1%), Germany (2%) and the UK and Greece (both 4%) are the least likely to have done so.

Slovenia at 16% tops the list of the most ardent users of buses to go to a place of education followed by Slovakia, Ireland, Malta and Italy all with 11%.

The same survey showed that respondents in Cyprus, Malta, Spain and Ireland were the most likely to be satisfied with coach services while Croatia, Hungary and Romania were likely to be the most dissatisfied.

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