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Cypriot drivers ‘addicted to their mobile phones’

A recent study by the Cyprus Institute of Statisticians has found that 59% of drivers admit to using their mobile phones while at the wheel and that most people breaking the law in this way are female and texting.

Commenting on the findings to Phileleftheros, the Institute’s president Chrysanthos Savvides said that an important factor revealed in the study was that people in rural areas were less likely to use their mobile phones while driving. In these areas, those who admitted to the dangerous practice came to 43% while in urban areas the figure rocketed to 75%.

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The study also found that women were more likely to be talking or texting at the wheel. Sixty-five percent of the women questioned admitted to it compared to 53% of men.

When it comes to phone use, the study found that 62% of those using their phones at the wheel usually were texting while 38% said they were talking.



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