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Cyber security you can rely on

Epsco-Ra delivers a bespoke managed cyber security service for the global maritime community.

With expertise in maritime and cyber security services spanning over 25 years, Epsco-Ra offers an adaptive and highly effective 24/7 network security monitoring solution, serviced by our team of certified cyber security engineers.

Recent events have demonstrated how critical cyber security is for the shipping industry, not only for data protection, but also for reliable operations. In the words of former US president Barack Obama: “our critical infrastructure continues to be at risk from threats in cyberspace, and our economy is harmed by the theft of our intellectual property”.

All organisations are potential victims of cyber attacks. Security incidents can happen anywhere at any time. Epsco-Ra Security Systems provides assistance both on-site and remotely, assisting you in handling your incident, end to end. From acquisition and analysis, through to mitigation and expert testimony, Epsco-ra will be with you, every step of the way.

Industry leader, Epsco-Ra provides security assurance via a combination of Data and Behavioural Analysis, Threat Prevention, Human Intervention and Actionable Intelligence. With a proven track record assisting Maritime companies, Banking, Law enforcement, Government agencies and Commercial businesses, Epsco-Ra offers you cost-effective cyber security management practices in line with industry operations.

The Epsco-Ra Maritime Cyber Security System includes: Network Monitoring, Security Information and Event Management (SEIM), Next Generation Firewalls, Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Management, Reporting, System Maintenance and Updates, and Incident Response and Recovery Services that will dramatically improve your office and fleet network data security, both now and in future.

Epsco-Ra was founded in February 2016 as a partnership between Ra Security Systems, an established US-based cyber security company, and Epsco Group, a Cyprus-based global maritime services corporation. With headquarters in Limassol, this joint venture specialises by assisting ship management companies to meet the cyber security demands of the 21st century.

Our team of experts is a combination of distinguished shipping and cyber security professionals who understand the business needs of the maritime community.

Epsco-Ra’s Technology Director, Gideon Lenkey is an acclaimed leading authority in cyber security. As a former president of the FBI’s InfraGard programme in New Jersey, he was recognised by former FBI director, Robert Muller on multiple occasions for his accomplishments. He is also featured in the cyber security documentary, ‘Code 2600’, and was an author of the McGraw Hill title, ‘Gray Hat’ Hacking, third edition.

“With our demonstrable experience and industry reputation, we deliver a smart combination of cyber expertise services and maritime knowledge that is adaptable and always proactively changing to meet new threats and risks,” Lenkey has stated.

Contact us to discuss all your maritime cyber security requirements

Tel: +357 25 733091 or email: info@epsco-ra.com

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