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Critical talks on federal Cyprus’ territory begin on Wednesday – UPDATED

The criteria on territory will be discussed on Wednesday in Mont Pelerin, Switzerland, where the two leaders of divided Cyprus are entering a third day of critical UN-brokered reunification talks, said the government spokesman.

Talking to early morning state radio from Mont Pelerin, Nicos Christodoulides also said that progress was recorded on Tuesday on three chapters with pending convergences. These are on the EU, governance and economy.

“The focus of discussions over the past couple of days both on the level of the two leaders as well as on the level of their negotiating teams on certain issues and certain aspects of chapters where divergences were still there – such as the EU, governance and economy,” he said.

“Progress was recorded in the three chapters I just mentioned and this is a positive development.  In addition, issues under the chapter of property have also been discussed thoroughly and what is important is that talks on property here at Mont Pelerin did not only focus on divergences or different views but got expanded and  for the first time they included aspects that have to do with territorial adjustments,” he added.

Christodoulides also said that what he meant with the phrase “property aspects that have to do with territorial adjustments” was their status, arrangements needed to be made and criteria of those Turkish-held properties that will come under Greek Cypriot administration.

“You realize, however, that their status quo will not be the same with those properties that will stay under Turkish Cypriot administration,” he said.

“The status quo will be different and it was the first time yesterday that discussion began on the specific issues. In substance, it prepared the ground for today’s meeting which is to focus entirely on the criteria for territory,” he added.

Asked whether maps are getting drafted, Christodoulides said the Greek Cypriot side constantly holds meetings during which discussions are made on these sort of issues and draft maps are drawn on a specific computer.

But it is only for the use of the Greek Cypriot side, and that it may be handed to the UN at a later stage.

Wednesday’s talks on territory are expected to determine the intentions of the Turkish Cypriot side, according to insiders.

They could also indicate whether the reunification process will proceed into its final stage which is a five-party high-level conference on security and guarantees with the participation of Cyprus’ three guarantors – Greece, Turkey and Britain.





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