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Court declares 45 police promotions as ‘unlawful’

Promotions that were handed to 45 members of the Cyprus Police and the Fire Service back in 2013 have been declared illegal by the Administrative Court in Nicosia.

The court noted serious errors and omissions by the evaluation committee at the time and declared the entire process illegal.

The court based its findings on two main issues.

The first involves the composition of the evaluation committee. The committee although made up of five members, only three members were present during a crucial meeting in which the way qualifications would be evaluated.  It later emerged that the other two members were not notified to attend as it would have meant that “there would be to many people to differentiate between the candidates.”

In the second issue, the court found that the manner in which qualifications were evaluated was incorrect. The committee decided to credit qualifications under conditions stating that the degrees held by candidates should be compatible with the syllabus of the Police Academy and which are directly related to police work.

The committee decided that if at least 50% of the subjects covered by the degree were compatible to the Academy’s syllabus, the candidates would be awarded the relevant points.

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