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Cost of water too high

By Funda Gumush
Only 20 out of 28 local councils in the north have signed the subscription agreement for the transition period of the water from the pipeline project carried out with Turkey, whilst the others are still teetering on the edge, citing issues relating to finances.

Last week, the Turkish State Water Board DSI officially pushed the button on the tendering process to find a company to administer the water from Turkey to the north of Cyprus during the transition period of one year.

There was much debate as the Turkish Cypriots were left out of the tender process.

The remaining eight local councils, however, have not signed the deal.

Kythrea (Degirmenlik), Gerolakkos (Alaykoy), Karavas (Alsancak) and Louroujina (Akincilar) local council heads have said that they want to sign up to the deal; however, issues relating to infrastructure and financial problems are stopping them from doing so.

Head of the Lefka (Lefke) local council, Aziz Kaya said he would be assessing the deal with other members of the council as Lefka already had good quality water, which they sold for two Turkish Lira a tonne.

The local council of Dikomo (Dikmen) refrained from commenting.

Kythrea local council head, Osman Isisal, who spoke to Turkish Cypriot media, recently said the biggest issue preventing them from signing the transition deal was the cost of the water.

The water would cost 2.30 Turkish Lira a tonne (0.70 cent) to the local council, which they would need to resell to the consumer for at least 5 Turkish Lira (€1.50), in order to make a profit.

Isisal said, however, that there were people in surrounding villages who would not be able to afford the water at that price.

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