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Corruption ring within T/C Properties Administration Office

There is a corruption ring within the Office for the Administration of Turkish Cypriot Properties in the government-controlled area of divided Cyprus.

This is what the Office’s deputy director Makis Economides has noted in a report where it also describes the state of play on Turkish Cypriot properties, Phileleftheros said on Monday.

The detailed report’s page 166 – under the heading “Machinations and Corruption Data” – lists unacceptable phenomena of cover-up and tolerance that took place in numerous cases.

For example, unauthorized tipping of offenders over initial decisions/intended actions by the Office so as to cover illegal acts and avoid the consequences of their misconduct.

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In addition, obvious illegal actions such as sublets, non-licensed buildings and arrears were not reported.

And penal or corrective measures were either delayed in their implementation or not applied at all.

Earlier this month, Interior Minister Constantinos Petrides (photo) announced measures to be taken in a bid to sort out the apparent misuse of Turkish Cypriot properties.

He also made clear that not only the scandalous use of these properties should be of concern but also the wrong management of the specific fund throughout the years.

“The management of Turkish Cypriot properties is a complex issue that addresses serious aspects of the Cyprus problem but also involves corruption and lack of transparency and therefore it is a wider social concern,” he had said.

“Serious debate of this very issue was a taboo for many years and at the same time management of Turkish Cypriot properties was carried out in a fragmentary way,” he added.

He also said that the Ministry has recorded problems arising from the lack of transparency, the weakness of the legislative framework and the absence of a supervisory body.


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