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Short cool break before weather heats up again

After several days of above average temperatures, the weather is expected to get slightly cooler from Friday, although temperatures are anticipated to begin rising again from Monday.

Cyprus Meteorological Service official Panayiotis Lingis  told In-Cyprus.com, “We expect conditions on Friday and Saturday to be similar, with maximum inland temperatures of around 36°C or 37°C inland which is below the usual average for this time of year, 38°C”.

However, Lingis warned it is expected to begin getting warmer again from Sunday as inland temperatures approached 40°C.

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“It has not been very humid even though the heat over the past few days alone did create heat wave-like conditions,” he noted, adding humidity levels were not expected to change much over the coming days.

According to the  official forecast, Friday’s maximum temperatures will rise to 36°C inland, 34°C on the east coast, 33°C on the south and north coasts, and 30°C on the west coast and 27°C in the mountains, with increased cloud coverage at times.

The average maximum temperatures for this time of year, statistically the hottest in Cyprus, are 38°C inland, 31°C-33°C on the coasts and 28°C-29°C in the mountains.

But Sunday, July 2 saw inland temperatures soar to 45°C, the hottest July day ever recorded on Cyprus.

Vulnerable groups including children and babies, the elderly, pregnant women, and the ailing are still advised to take particular care in the heat.

The authorities have also reminded people that the sweltering conditions make it easier for fires to start and spread out of control.

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