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Cloth that belonged to the Virgin Mary in Cyprus

A piece of clothing – believed to be a remnant of clothing worn by the Virgin Mary as well as an icon which some say has performed miracles – is currently on display at a Nicosia church until Tuesday.

The Greek Orthodox faithful began to venerate the piece of cloth from Thursday, when it was taken to the Constantinou and Eleni Church in the Nicosia community of Tseri. Also on display is an icon of the Virgin Mary which has, in the past, been said to have performed miracles.

The two religious articles will be on display at the church until Tuesday, May 23, on loan from the Genesio Theotokos (Nativity of Virgin Mary) Monastery in the Dadia forest in Evros, Greece.

The church will be open between 6.30am and 10pm until and including Tuesday.

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