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Close to 3,000 motorists done for speeding

Traffic police fined a total of 2,840 drivers for speeding during last week’s major clampdown by on the island’s roads.

“It’s time that drivers in Cyprus instil a sense of road safety,” said Traffic Police Chief Phillipos Papaelias told state radio on Monday morning adding that a new week-long clampdown on seatbelts and child car-seats will also get underway.

Of particular concern were the high speeds that were clocked in built-up areas.

“Motorists were clocked at 90, 100 and 110km/h in a 50km/h zone,” he revealed.

“They must realise that at those speeds it is impossible to stop in time during an emergency. A child, cyclist, an animal or even another car can suddenly cut in front of a speeding driver and there is just not enough time to react effectively.”

He added: “Speed limits to a particular road are not there by chance but depend on a lot of factors regarding the physical condition of the road and subsequently to the overall safety of road users.”

Forty drivers were charged and a further 41 were cautioned for the incorrect use of the three-lane motorway at the entrance to Nicosia and involved primarily the incorrect use of the middle lane.

Papaelias stressed that drivers were obliged to know and understand the relevant driving codes.

“The middle lane should only be used for overtaking and as soon as a driver overtakes he must re-enter the left lane as soon as he can. The right hand lane is only used for overtaking but even then, drivers should when possible move back into the middle and eventually into the left lanes,” explained Papaelias stressing the importance of the continuous use of indicators.

Speaking about the new clampdown this week on seatbelts and child car seats, he said that traffic police officers will be out in numbers to ensure drivers and passengers are securely fastened with seatbelts including back-seat passengers as well as children in approved car-seats.

Children’s car-seats will also be inspected to ensure that they are securely fastened.

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  1. Campbell Findlay

    My apologies,but I have a totally cynical view of the attitude of the populace of this island to Road Traffic Law and to the Rule of Law in general.They do not give a toss,they are Cypriot and will do as they please,as they have been doing forever.It is a lawless country!

  2. Well , it’s about time the police came out and booked the culprits . It’s dangerous driving in Cyprus ,
    Hope they book everyone ! However , it’s not only Cypriots ! British people also have picked up the habit of bad driving in Cyprus .

  3. It’s not just speeding, seats belts and child seats that they need to clamp down on. How about mobile phones, headlights not working correctly, parking on pavements, parking on corners, parking in disabled bags because they’re nearer shop entrances. And then there’s motorcycles and scooters. Father’s taking there children with them, often three or four, no protective gear or helmets, wheelies, and how many have licences or insurance????