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Churches near Galata

There are four painted churches in and around the village of Galata:
1. Nearby is the Church of Panayia Podithou, which once belonged to a monastery. It was built in 1502. Its paintings are of the Italo- Byzantine style, which appeared on the island towards the end of the15th century. The church is a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site.
2. The Church of the Archangelos Michael, or Panayia Theotokos, is a timber-roofed chapel, just below the village, painted in the post-Byzantine style of the early 16th century.
3. The Church of Ayios Sozomenos, which stands in the middle of the old village, dates to the early 16th century and retains a complete series of frescoes in the post-Byzantine style.
4. The small Church of Ayia Paraskevi on the old Kakopetria-Galata road has paintings dating to 1514.
Also worth visiting is the old Inn, “the Hani Kalliana”, which has been restored.

Courtesy of the CTO

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