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Child given up for adoption ‘against father’s wishes’

Despite warning police and Social Welfare Services that his pregnant wife was going to put their child up for adoption without his consent, a Romanian man was ignored and his baby handed over to another family.

This is the case that the Office of Combating Trafficking in Human Beings is looking into after receiving the relevant details from the local police station where the complaint was lodged in the Famagusta district.

Media reports suggest that the case could open up a can of worms following reports that pregnant women are arriving from Eastern Europe into Cyprus to give birth and give their babies up for adoption to families on the island.

On Thursday, Phileleftheros claimed that the man had warned police of his wife’s intentions to give up the child up for adoption without his consent. He further claimed that his cries for help from the police seemingly fell on deaf ears.

The child has been reportedly handed to another family and that the father was reported as being ‘unknown’.

The man’s wife had reportedly given birth at a private clinic and the child given up adoption with the permission of the Welfare Services. It remains unknown as to how the adoptive parents were found and who had arranged the adoption procedures in order for the adoption to take place so soon after the birth.

When the child’s father confronted the Welfare Services over the issue, he claims that he was advised to hire a lawyer to claim guardianship through legal channels.

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