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Cheaper electricity for many in Cyprus from Friday

The Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC) will from Friday be introducing its new means of calculating bills, which could see most consumers charged between 3% to 7% less.

Bizarrely though, smaller households and those using the least electricity may actually end up paying more.

Speaking to state radio on Tuesday, EAC press spokesman Christina Papadopoulou said households would see the change reflected in their bills at either the end of October of the end of November depending on whether they choose to be billed every one or two months.

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“Consumers will now be charged based on where they fit within 11 different new categories in a means that is fairer and more transparent,” Papadopoulou said.

She noted that the bills issued would also more clearly indicate where various parts of the fee are designated.

Papadopoulou also added the new system would remain in place until the end of this year, when it would be re-evaluated.

Phileleftheros on Tuesday reported an average reduction would see a household using 600 kilowatt hours within a two month period and now paying around €108, paying 3.2% less or around €104.

A household using 800 kilowatt hours within a two month period, the most common according to the EAC, will enjoy a 4.5% reduction, from around €145 down to €137.

The many households consuming 1,000 kilowatt hours over a two month period will have a 5% reduction, paying €169 instead of the current €179.

Large households consuming 1,500 kilowatt hours stand to enjoy a 7% reduction, paying €250 per two months compared to the current €272.

Small households or premises that are more rarely used, such as holiday homes, however, will face an increase.

Again according to Phileleftheros’ calculations, a household using 300 kilowatt hours over a two month period for example can expect to now pay €60 instead of €55. Households using 100 kilowatt hours, meanwhile, perhaps just to keep a fridge running and maintaining some lights, will pay €23 to €24 from the current €19.

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