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Charlie’s soap box:Taking things at face value

By Charlie Charalambous

Sorting out the value of things is complicated. Granted we can only really purchase what we can afford, but there are those ‘must have’ items that we scrimp and save for. It is hard to put a price on everything.

As parents we usually push the boat out for our children’s education and that doesn’t come cheap, especially if they are studying abroad. It remains to be seen whether spending so much – by taking out loans and foregoing other luxuries – is actually effective in the long run. Students get saddled with debt while the parents are also out of pocket on the rocky path of a good career (if possible).

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Whether schools and universities actually prepare people for the wider world of work and what the future may hold is another matter. My three bears are at different stages of their educational journey; one is studying in London, the other in Cyprus, while the third is embarking on his A levels. What will happen at the end of their safari through academia is anybody’s guess.

The hope is they will get jobs that will enable them to do the same for their kids if they have any. Or they can buy me a new car and a holiday to replace the ones I have had to sacrifice. Not to worry, I will give it a few more years then send them an IOU through the post with a few noughts attached. Come to think of it, I might not have to send the money note too far because like most kids in Cyprus, they will most probably be living at home until the Fat lady sings.

It is going to become much harder for the younger generation to get a foothold on the property ladder as salaries remain squeezed in Cyprus. And the best way to get gainful employment is to ask a friend who knows a friend.

So what would you pay for something you really wanted? Think small like a frappé on the beach. How far down would you reach in your pocket? Would €6.50 be an ice cube too far? I grudgingly paid the price at a Limassol hotel where you get a lot of ambiance for your money (that’s my excuse anyway).

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