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Charlie’s Soap box: Tales of ordinary Cypriots

By Charlie Charalambous

Stereotypes get a bad rap in this age of equality and hyper sensitive feelings. But what is it that makes us Cypriot?

How does being Cypriot separate us from other nations? What makes the sons and daughters of Cyprus so special and what do we perceive Cypriotness to be.

This might seem all rather existential.

But what are the qualities and traits that bind us, that make us feel proud of this dysfunctional island?

A recent survey on the top 50 things people love about being British made me ponder about what Cypriots most admire about themselves.

There are plenty of negatives I could mention like the penchant for parking on pavements and killing migratory birds by the truck load.

I think Cypriots also like to brag about whom they know and what favours they can call in to get ahead in life.

Maybe one of our most endearing traits is that we don’t actually concern ourselves with the identity of our collective persona.


Being the best at queuing and having afternoon tea are among the top 50 things Britons love about being British.

These are stereotypes that ring true, according to a poll.

The top five things that people love about being British are: 1) They love talking about the weather 2) The ability to laugh at themselves 3) The fact everyone speaks English 4) Being the best in the world at being sarcastic 5) Knowing tea solves every problem.

Hard to argue with that.

I’m sure you can guess a few more observations and you would be right.

But what would be in your top 10 or 50 things that you love about being Cypriot.

I’m going to produce a list – with zero scientific value – but expect many of you can relate to even if your only link to Cyprus is liking kebabs.

What Cypriots do best: 1) We believe in family 2) Nobody does hospitality like us 3) We love a political conspiracy 4) Jumping the queue 5) Nepotism rocks 6) Rules are a nuisance 7) Taking ourselves incredibly seriously 8) We have no time for underdogs 9) Our food is the best 10) Money solves everything.

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  1. Well no.9 is about right. Food here is amazing even the basics like potatoes and cucumbers. I could go on…..