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Charlie’s Soap box: Taking the piste at Crash-Montana

By Charlie Charalambous

I would like to talk about something else rather than a political balls-up at an Alpine ski resort.

Crash-Montana was not just another Cyprus problem hiccup in a long line of serial failures; it was a death blow to a reunited future.

Cypriots have yet to realise this. Slowly but surely it will sink in that the pigs breakfast cooked up in Switzerland was the last hope of a proper deal.

There will be no muesli with honey served up by the international community.

It’s over and time for everyone to get on their bike and ride off into obscurity.

Nobody is going to pick up the pieces of shattered hopes and lost opportunities.

President Anastasiades may want to carry on talking, but the audience has left the theatre and thrown their tickets away before the show has ended.

There will be no repeat performance; the peace process is deader than the Dodo.

It’s not going to fly anywhere.

Whatever anyone says or does is pointless – background noise in a world that has moved on and doesn’t care.

Cypriots will have to ride their wave and see where it takes them. Cyprus will never be the same again.

Cypriot leaders travelled to the Alps knowing there was no pressure on them to make peace.


People are quite happy the way things are, even if they feel guilty about being comfortable with the status quo.

A bicommunal, federal republic is a pipedream that sounds good if all things were equal.

Well, they are not.

For decades Greek Cypriots have been made to believe that they will be winners in the long run, that they shall be the inheritors of justice and recompense.

That is not going to happen.

There are no keys to the reunification castle – a solution was always going to be painful and precarious. But we expected it to be wrapped up in a bow and ready to wear.

Deception goes a long way in politics which is why the politicians will say it can be done. It’s over – we’ve blown the bloody doors off the peacemobile.

NO tears. No regrets. No problem.

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  1. Dear Sirs
    Turkey has recently invaded Syria and Iraq without the permission of their respective governments and without any guarantees being involved. And is it better to have 35,000 Turkish soldiers stationed in Cyprus or 650?
    Yours faithfully
    Ronis Varlaam

  2. I believe that Anastasiades recognises that the gas revenues must be used as leverage to force the Turkish Cypriots to compromise on territory, security and guarantees. If the Turkish Cypriots continue to allow themselves to be used as Turkey’s back door into the EU, they will deny themselves access to the gas revenues. At current prices, 1 tcf of gas is worth over €3bn. Aphrodite has a confirmed minimum 3.5 tcf of gas, worth over €10bn (less costs of exploration and recovery). If block 11, adjacent to the Egyptian Zohr gas field, provides a larger gas reserve, Turkish Cypriots will be cutting off their own noses to spite their faces. I believe Anastasiades is playing the long game, waiting for Cypriot gas to start flowing to the EU. He must use the window of opportunity provided by Brussels’ and Washington’s stand-off with Russia together with Germany’s stand-off with Turkey. Turkey has now upped her game by laying claim to large blocks of the Republic of Cyprus EEZ. This is a clear indication that Turkey feels threatened by the Greek Cypriot strategy.