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Charlie’s soap box: Guess who killed Tweety Bird?

By Charlie Charalambous

I don’t understand hunting at all. What is the point in going around killing animals that can’t fight back.

Why would you want to kill a lion, a tiger or an elephant? Unless it’s hand-to-paw combat, it’s not really a fair fight.

This is not a Planet of the Apes type scenario where human existence is threatened.

We are not hunter-gatherers who need to slay animals for our food and clothing.

A trip to the supermarket usually sorts out the basic essentials.

I don’t see how hunting is considered a sport, unless you also arm the animal kingdom with rifles and traps.

True hunters are those who want to wrestle bears to the ground in a show of strength – not kill beasts for the sake of it so they can stick a moose’s head on their wall.

Then there is the illegal trade in exotic animals – for those who want to keep a crocodile in the bath – and the trafficking of ivory.

Hunting is popular with Cypriots who like to trudge the fields and shoot at little birds that are bred for the killing season. Fair enough.

But Sunday hunters are a far cry from nasty poachers spreading their mist nets and limesticks to catch song birds.

Using these methods of destruction ensure that millions of migratory birds are indiscriminately killed each year so a minority can enjoy pickled beak.

Such barbarity is done in the name of tradition and there are politicians who seek to uphold this culture of destroying a protected species.

This is not about elderly village types going out with a sling-shot to bring home supper – but a sophisticated industry that doesn’t care how many birds it kills to pluck out a few prized delicacies.

Activists fear that a vote in parliament on hunting will allow poachers a free rein in this lucrative but illicit trade in bird carnage.

Aren’t we supposed to be more sensitive to the environment and keeping our ecosystem in tact? Mass murder of migratory birds isn’t doing the planet any good.

Never mind- as long as a few Cypriots get to swallow Tweety whole, then Mother Nature can go screw itself.

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